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With over 20 years' experience in recording studio design, analysis and construction, Miloco Builds offer expertise in every area involved in building a recording studio. We pride ourselves on a team of people with actual audio engineering backgrounds, therefore appreciate the many complexities of studio design. The team is led by project manager and technical director Pete Hofmann, highly respected acoustician Nick Whitaker, and one of the UK's

best-known recording studio builders, Micky Whelan. Having been at the forefront of music production for two decades, Miloco understands the many needs of the modern producer; a key advantage we have over many other recording studio designers. Our service includes viewing potential buildings to offer a full studio analysis: structural considerations, town and country planning, electrics, air handling and interior design, all the while ensuring building regulations

are met. We can then fully assess each client’s individual requirements, from the construction of specially treated acoustic rooms to bespoke studio furniture. Each has incorporated unique building methods which have not only dealt with difficult and complex spaces, but have also proved incredibly cost effective.

Recent Projects

Having previously built his London studio "One Eyed Jack's", it was a pleasure to put together a hom…

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Mark Crew

Here at Miloco Builds we had an incredibly busy end to 2021, and despite some challenges with suppli…

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Paul Barry

One of the first projects we completed after restrictions were eased in mid-2021 was this beautiful …

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Those of you who know Sholto Ratcliffe may have used his amazing commercial studios

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Sholto Ratcliffe

Latest News

  • Miloco Builds undertakes a build for Bastille

    posted on 11th November 2021

    Miloco were approached by Mark Crew and Bastille to look at host buildings for their studio project. We were on hand to run acoustic surveys and environmental impact assessments to find the perfect host building. Design began in earnest in …

  • Miloco Builds complete SNK Studio 7

    posted on 30th October 2021

    Miloco Builds are proud to announce the successful completion of SNK studio 7, along with a complete refurbishment of their reception areas in collaboration with AKA furniture design . Given its tricky location, our design brief was to maximise the …

  • Miloco Builds completes Dock Street Studio B

    posted on 25th September 2021

    Having refitted the original studio space in 2015 producer and artist Shoto Radcliffe once again turned to the Miloco Builds team for the next phase of his studio expansion. Originally intended as a second live room the project evolved once …

  • Miloco Builds expand Dock Street Studio

    posted on 04th March 2016

    Following on from last year’s renovation of the Dock Street Studios live room, studio owner Sholto Ratcliffe once again enlisted the expertise of the Miloco Builds team to design and build a brand new control room to expand his studio …

  • Miloco Builds complete studio for Nick Hodgson

    posted on 08th February 2016

    Miloco Builds have just completed a state of the art writing room for producer and writer Nick Hodgson of the Kaiser Chiefs. Designed by acoustician Nick Whitaker, he was able to optimise the available space and include a drum room, vocal …

  • Miloco Builds complete new Foley Studio

    posted on 21st January 2016

      Miloco Builds has recently completed a project for Feet First Sound, a UK based foley and sound design production house, building their new foley studio The Laundry. Located in Essex The Laundry is a dedicated foley studio by Feet …

  • The Church & WSDG Nominated for TEC Award

    posted on 30th October 2015

    Miloco Builds and The Church Studios are proud to be nominated alongside WSDG for the 2016 NAMM TEC Studio Design Project Award. Miloco Builds worked under top architectural, acoustic and engineering firm WSDG, who lead the design on the project. GRAMMY Award-winning producer, Paul …

  • Miloco Builds construct Audible suites

    posted on 07th October 2015

    Miloco Builds have recently completed two stunning voiceover suites in central London for Amazon’s audio book company Audible. Audible were looking to achieve the best facility possible. The rooms are both light and spacious whist equipped to the highest level, …

  • The making of Sonos Studio London

    posted on 06th October 2015

    Last weekend saw the opening of Sonos Studio London. Miloco Builds’ acoustician Nick Whitaker and Pete Hofmann were on hand giving oversight to the project, advising on the internal acoustic considerations. “We were approached to advise and acoustically condition the …

  • Miloco Builds deliver archive facility UMG Vault

    posted on 03rd September 2015

    Working alongside Abbey Road Studios, Miloco Builds were asked to provide UMG Vault, an archive facility consisting of five transfer suites and an oven room. The UMG Vault rooms needed to provide both good levels of isolation and internal acoustics but …