Studio Workstation Build for Mix Engineer Chris Allen

Studio Workstation Build for Mix Engineer Chris Allen

recording studio workstation
Miloco Builds has recently worked with Brighton mix engineer Chris Allen to construct a custom-built studio workstation for Chris’s bespoke studio desk. Chris is delighted and has nicknamed it ‘The Mothership’. Co-designed by Chris and Miloco’s Pete Hofmann, we are selling workstations built to this design, going from £1800+VAT. We are happy to build bespoke recording studio furniture or supply furniture from our catalogue of proven designs.

You can view more photos of the unit below. Here is what Chris had to say on his workstation which he co-designed with Pete:

“I have been looking for the right studio desk for many years. Commercially available products always seemed too big, the wrong shape or poorly designed. So I decided to design one for myself. I wanted something made from steel to be strong and to minimise resonances. It also needed to be compact and ergonomically efficient. I didn’t want any shelving or large expanses of MDF surfaces around the sides and rear, primarily for acoustic reasons but also to allow for plenty of airflow around the hardware in the racks. Of course, I also wanted it to be a nice centrepiece for my studio.

“After much searching, I heard that Miloco built studio furniture, so I got in touch with them to see if they could build a design that I had had drawn up. Pete Hofmann worked patiently with me and we refined my idea into the finished desk you see here. It is beautifully made from polished steel tubing with a solid oak work surface. I wanted a “modern industrial” look and i think the Miloco team have done a great job in building a really nice piece of furniture. the footprint of the desk is small but has a total of 27U of rack space, with plenty of room at the back and underneath to accommodate large devices such as converters & computers. The workstation also affords excellent access to the rear which is really useful. I am very very pleased with the design. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Miloco Builds team.”

You can follow Chris on Twitter @chrisallenmusic. His Soundcloud page can be found at

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