Studio Furniture

Studio Furniture

"Beautifully designed recording studio furniture to maximise workflow and creativity, as well as being both space saving and cost effective"

Miloco Builds provides a comprehensive selection of high quality recording studio furniture as part of our studio construction service. Our designs are custom built to an exceptional standard and for all applications. We supply anything from 19″ rack units and bespoke recording studio workstations, which can be supplied with fans and lighting in a huge range of finishes.

We have also built housings for consoles, speaker stands, acoustically treated doors and windows that are very cost effective and which provide very high levels of acoustic isolation. Our expert recording studio furniture builders take immaculate care and attention to ensure the studio furniture you commission sits well with the interior and ambience of the room. Whatever the brief, the design team offer a bespoke service to fit each individual client’s space. Needless to say, Miloco’s experience in running commercial studios means we understand the importance of eye-catching designs.

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Sholto Ratcliffe

One of the most popular items of studio furniture we are commissioned to design and build are recording studio workstations. The workstations we provide are proven to be cost-effective alternatives to many other products on the market, and each is custom-built which is ideal for smaller or unusual spaces. Miloco Builds’ studio workstations start from around £2000.00 each. Options include: having the rack units above and below the worktop; a drop-in cut out for consoles or controllers; speaker platforms and monitor arms.

Another product in constant high-demand are our 19inch rack units fitted with or without wheels. These units are offered in a variety of colours and sizes and come with either a wood or veneered finish. We take time and care to make sure that rack units supplied to our clients complement the studio’s overall design and feel. Our rack units typically start at £200 for a 13U wheeled unsprayed MDF rack with vents and rack-strip.

We are regularly asked to design and build any number of custom recording studio furniture items. These can be anything from cupboards and shelving units, however the most common request is console housings. These bespoke designs are built from scratch to accommodate each specific console they are constructed for. We can build in powder coated steel or timber and can tackle all manner of complex units.

Miloco Builds is also equipped to supply custom CD racks or record shelving units. No job is too small or complicated and our design team are always happy to help.

All of our studio design and build projects use our bespoke acoustic doors. These are remarkably cost effective as well as being aesthetically superior to many other products on the market. They are typically hardwood faced and deliver 40db of attenuation. Miloco use Lorient seals both for acoustic performance and to conform to fire regulations. Typically, our doors are fitted with magnetic seals, intumescent smoke seals and drop down seals to maximise performance. Doors can be supplied and fitted in their own right from £2000/fit.

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