Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels

"Miloco Builds can supply the most effective and stylish acoustic panels with a huge range of product to transform your acoustic environment"

A vital part of each recording studio design we carry out is to devise a system to calibrate the acoustic tuning of a room. A proven method we have used regularly and successfully is to implement an acoustic panel system. This is a slightly cheaper option to building treatment into the flush wall finish, but is still vastly effective and is more flexible particularly in recording rooms. Our panel systems are guaranteed to transform problematic spaces into professional listening environments.

We use carefully chosen specialist acoustic products and materials to calibrate the frequencies absorbed and reflected by our panels. All of our products are not only finished to the highest possible standard, but are also available in a huge variety of finishes including custom printed panels.

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The types of acoustic panels we supply typically include the following:

Ceiling Panels
We can supply a range of panels to suit various ceiling heights, which is often the area compromised the most. These include either fixed panels or ideally hung panels, which offer a greater spectrum of sound control particularly when hung at an angle. These panels are often timber faced with circular holes to semi-expose the treatment, and are normally fitted with built-in lighting.

Wall Panels
Wall Panels are normally midrange absorbers and are made up from timber frames with mineral fibre/acoustic foam filling, with a mix of hardboard and exposed facing, and finally fabric finish. They can also be supplied with hardwood timber frames and are normally fitted on a split rail system allowing them to be removed, which is particularly useful in recording rooms to yield a variety of acoustic options.

Bass Traps
Bass Traps are acoustic energy absorbers that are designed to dampen low frequency sound energy with the goal of attaining a flatter low frequency (LF) room response by reducing the resonance in a room. These membrane absorbers are specifically designed for each individual room and are typically sealed timber frameworks with mineral fibre fillings and a barrier mat facing.

These acoustic panels are typically fabric finished with an acoustically inert, fire retardant material - normally from the Camira fabric ranges - and can be supplied with or without a hardwood timber frame finish.

Full Fabric Flush Finish
This is an alternative to the panel system. It is a full fabric tracked finish which you will find in most professional recording studios. It gives a seamless finish and allows the various acoustic treatments to be hidden in a timber sub shell, which is also useful in hiding audio wiring and other systems such as air conditioning and fresh air ducting.

Alongside acoustician Nick Whitaker, our recording studio designers team will ensure that our systems will exceed expectations both from an acoustic and aesthetic point of view.

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