Acoustic Analysis

Acoustic Analysis

"Miloco Builds covers a wide range of projects, including the acoustic analysis, and design and installation of sound insulation on both small and large studio construction projects"

Another invaluable service Miloco Builds offers is recording studio acoustic analysis and advice. Whether your room doesn’t quite sound as true as it might, or if your neighbours are complaining about noise, we are happy to visit your studio, make a detailed frequency analysis of the room, identify and quantify the problem and then advise on the best course of action. Often the solution can be very simple, giving you the reassurance you need to produce better quality mixes and not upset your neighbours.

Normally this process would involve a visit by acoustic consultant, Nick Whitaker, who uses the most contemporary technology, including the TEF analyser and RION class 1 noise analysis equipment, to produce a detailed written room report detailing the exact areas to be improved.

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Nick Whitaker is an electro-acoustics graduate from Salford University, and has been a professionally qualified member of the Institute of Acoustics since 1985. Since the mid 80’s he has consulted countless acoustic projects and studio builds around the world, and currently has over 30 regular clients across the globe. They include the BBC, Russian Mosfilm and numerous Polish broadcasters amongst others. His work for Abbey Road, Konk, LA’s EastWest Studios, as well as many private facilities including those owned by Coldplay, Mark “Spike” Stent and David Gilmour is also highly praised. Besides recording studios, Nick also has extensive knowledge and experience in the acoustics of live venues – the Brixton Academy, Ronnie Scott’s world famous jazz club and the Shepherds Bush Empire have all benefited from his expertise.

Nick is highly experienced in evaluation and design/correction of the acoustic characteristics of spaces, performance & replay auditoria, high quality listening rooms, high-end night clubs/bars, restaurants and general public spaces, and can advise on environmental noise impact assessment, and health and safety (HSE) noise exposure assessment.

To assess the acoustic characteristics of a room, Nick would normally conduct frequency and waterfall analysis to extract the reverberation times, identify the modal response of the room (“standing wave” frequencies & orientation) and also assess the interaction between speaker and room. From this information, specific advice can be given and prioritised.

Sometimes the solution can be as simple as moving the speakers or console, or by adjusting the existing acoustic treatment, all of which can yield fantastic results.

Miloco Builds offers a wide range of panel systems to deal with the acoustic tuning of a room. When dealing with a new build it is often good to build treatment into the walls and have a clean cloth finish, but the slightly cheaper option is a panel system. These methods are explored further in our Acoustic Panels section.

Detailed noise and vibration analysis, including statistical noise logging (and recording) is employed to provide either “baseline data”, which can be used for planning permission purposes, or to troubleshoot sound insulation problems.

If you decide to go ahead with any recommended rectification works, whether adding or modifying some additional acoustic treatment or increasing isolation to the fabric of the building, we can provide both the materials and building team to rectify the problem, before revisiting with Nick to check the problem has been solved.

Nick is also hugely experienced in setting up monitor systems and fine-tuning existing equipment. We have close ties with all major manufactures and can assist with re-coning, calibrating amplifiers and crossovers and all manner of refurbishment. Nick’s passion is the design and specification of sound systems, and the highest quality audio monitoring system design and alignment.

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