Studio Design & Builds

Studio Design & Builds

"Our design experts have huge experience and knowledge in the many technical areas of recording studio design"

With its acclaimed team of recording studio designers, builders and acousticians, Miloco Builds is an increasingly in demand studio design and construction service, not only in the UK, but around the world.

A typical Miloco Builds project begins with an initial appraisal by project manager Pete Hofmann. We shall discuss the client’s basic requirements and talk through the various pricing options and services that might be needed.

Assuming this meets with the client’s expectations the next stage is normally a site visit with acoustician Nick Whitaker who has huge expertise and knowledge in the many technical areas of recording studio design. Initial layout ideas can be discussed and it gives us a chance to understand the type of music being made, the sort of equipment being used and the workflow of the client so that we can ensure our approach the studio design is optimised. It is often necessary at this stage to undertake a full survey of the site as well as an acoustic viability study to ensure that our exacting isolation standards can be met. This being said, Miloco builds are also happy working alongside an architect if the client chooses to instruct one.

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Miloco Builds’ acoustician Nick Whitaker and Pete Hofmann oversaw Sonos Studio London, advising on the internal acoustic considerations. "We w…

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Sonos Studio London

Once all the information has been obtained we work closely with the client to build up a more detailed design as well as an overall costing for the works. We can supply drawings in CAD format and can also supply 3D renderings using Google SketchUp. This is often a great way for a client to get a true feel for the studio’s design.

At this design stage we also ask the client to consider any recording studio furniture and audio installations that might be needed, so that all relevant preparations are made and all systems are properly integrated. Miloco Builds can assist with all manner of wiring requirements as well as equipment supply and installation.

Miloco Builds has good relationships with air conditioning contractors and we have our own specialist methods for dealing with airflow noise and crosstalk between different areas. We can also arrange for fire and security alarm systems, risk assessments, the scheduling of annual services to maintain such systems, and any number of other important considerations to be made when building a complex recording studio.

Once the budget has been formally approved and the drawings and build schedule have been agreed, the recording studio construction stage can begin. Miloco is used to working in all manner of environments when building a recording studio, from brand new builds to working in people’s private homes. Needless to say our staff are sympathetic to every situation and are happy to adapt to strict noise limits and/or working hours.

At every stage of the project our recording studio builders available to discuss any issues or changes and integrate them into the schedule. Once the rooms are at a stage where sound can be generated, Nick Whitaker will make another visit to fine-tune the acoustic treatment before it is fitted.

On completion of the build we would conduct a further test and help with setting up of the monitor systems and commissioning equipment where required, to ensure the client is totally happy with the acoustic performance of their new studio.

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