Miloco Builds Complete The Church Studios

Miloco Builds Complete The Church Studios

For much of 2014 the Miloco Builds team have been extremely hard at work up in North London at The Church Studios. This legendary London recording complex has been through a complete transformation under its brand new owner, leading UK Producer Paul Epworth. The Church now consists of three world class studios: The Church 1 – an epic tracking room featuring a 72 Channel Vintage EMI Neve console, one of the rarest in the world; The Church 2 – a dazzling, futuristic SSL studio designed by the masterful Walters-Storyk Design Group and constructed by Miloco Builds; and The Church 3 – a state-of-the-art writing suite which again Miloco Builds built following the designs of WSDG.

It’s been one hell of a job, but as you can see from the photos below – definitely worth it! A huge thanks to Paul Epworth, John Storyk and the team at WSDG, and of course all the Miloco Builds guys who have worked so tirelessly on delivering this incredible new London recording studio complex.

You can view the individual profiles on The Church 1, The Church 2 and The Church 3 by clicking on the links in this paragraph.

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TheChurch-Miloco-1115 copy-lo

TheChurch-Miloco-1166 copy-lo

TheChurch-Miloco-1356 copy-lo

TheChurch-Miloco-2165 copy-lo

TheChurch-Miloco-2186 copy-lo

TheChurch-Miloco-2259 copy-lo

TheChurch-Miloco-2370 copy-lo

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TheChurch-Miloco-0395 copy-lo

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