Latest From The Church

Latest From The Church

It’s been a good few months since we’ve given you an updated on progress over at Producer Pul Epworth’s brand new recording studio, The Church in Crouch End, North London. And boy have the guys been busy…

Here is a chronology of photos taken since November, including work on the gutting of the old studio, the construction of the SSL room, writing room and more.

At the start of November it was a demolition derby. Here, we stripped out the old control room

By the middle of the month we were back to the shell of the room, and ready to begin reconstruction…

… or so we thought! After a visit from the WSDG team, it was agreed that the old control room floor should come up too.

A load of Paul Epworth’s gear arrived at the beginning of January.

Not a bad selection of tape machines…

Downstairs, this construction site will eventually be a high-end writing space…

… here it is again with the new concrete floor and booth.

Meanwhile, the SSL room is poised for serious reconstruction work.

Away from the studio spaces, the team is also getting busy on the kitchen.

And as we await the arrival of the 72 Channel vintage EMI Neve (no less!), we have the frame for the acoustic ceiling which will sit above the desk, ready and waiting…

… and here it is. What a beast.

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