Matt Johnson

Miloco have worked alongside Matt Johnson (aka The The) for many years running his Garden Studio in Shoreditch. The Garden had previously been refurbished by Miloco Builds, who also rebuilt the main monitor wall to install a Boxer monitor system. However due to the studio’s increased commercial popularity, Matt approached us to also build him a new private room where he could write and overdub.

“Having been lucky enough to have worked in some of the finest studios in London and New York over the course of my career I can honestly say that Miloco offers a truly world class service. Whether you are a musician or producer renting studio time from them, whether you are a studio owner they are managing an existing studio on behalf of or whether they are building a personal studio for you from scratch, Miloco’s service is of the same high standard. Friendly, cost effective and incredibly detailed.” Matt Johnson (Producer / Musician)

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